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Videos Of The Week (July 22nd - 28th)

Videos Of The Week (July 22nd - 28th)

David Knight - 30th July 2013

This is the weekly playlist where big artists feature, in quite surprising ways. Like David Bowie and Kanye West. The former, is a bit of a curio, as David looks a lot less genial than normal in the video by fashion photography superduo Indrani and Markus Klinko for Valentines Day; but then there's Kanye, with a video by another fashion photographer god Nick Knight for Blkkk Skkkn Head (above), with its interactive version. Quite hard to tell how much is Kanye himself, or a CGI avatar...

And yes, this list of the pick of the videos of the last full week of the glorious month of July 2013 does include a video for One Direction. Has all that lovely sunshine addled our brains? Not really. The first couple of minutes of Ben Winston's video for The Best Song Ever, co-written by Ben and famous James Corden, are indisputably entertaining. Before the music bit of the music video happens...

Furthermore, we have the latter sees Alison Goldfrapp being delightfully sensual with naked people in her first video from her new album, and the first of five by Lisa Gunning, making her transition from top editor to director.  There's also trademark surreal lunacy for Franz Ferdinand provided by Tim Saccenti, and brooding atmosphere with Hiro Murai's latest for Earl Sweatshirt. Plus some inventive graphic videos for Keys N Krates and Moderat, despite being relatively static, and some East London vibes for Drums Of Death by You Ness...


David Knight - 30th July 2013


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