David Knight - 24th July 2013

We've all seen 'em. Those corset-busting covers of Mills & Boon (or Harlequin in the US) romance novels. It's a popular genre made to look just a little dated by the mommy-porn of Fifty Shades of Grey, etc - so even more reason that the idiosyncratic painterly artwork of these books should be properly celebrated. And that was Ohji Inoue, a Toronto-based director and motion graphics artist has done beautifully in the Keys N Krates video for Treat Me Right.

Ohji animates these bodice-rippers in charmingly basic fashion, and then moves on to other cheap novel genres (fantasy, pulp crime, etc) for further inspiration. Lovely stuff - which earned Ohji a spot in Saatchi & Saatchi's New Directors Showcase in Cannes last month.  


DirectorOhji Inoui
ProducerAmos LeBlanc
AnimatorJeremy Bondy
Other creditsSpecial thanks: Sharon Yoo, Zoé Noble Fox, Emily Cunningham, and Ryan Ongaro

David Knight - 24th July 2013

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