Subculture Sage 'Gold' by Ricky Patel

Photographer and DP turned director Ricky Patel has delivered this short documentary capturing a glimpse into the daily grind of gold mining in Zimbabwe - doubling up as a music video …

Cat Velez - 20th May 2016


Laura Mvula 'Phenomenal Woman' by Alex Southam

Following up the majestic choreography-based video for Overcome, Alex Southam has teamed up once again with Laura Mvula for another uplifting performance video, moving the …

Cat Velez - 6th May 2016


Taylor Swift 'Wildest Dreams' by Joseph Khan

The latest Taylor Swift video directed by Joseph Kahn was never going to be anything less than spectacular, and this one for Wildest Dreams was shot on location in Africa. An extraordinary …

David Knight - 3rd Sept 2015

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The Promonews Roundup


Fuse ODG ft Angel 'T.I.N.A' by Max & Dania

Driven by some imaginative and colourful choreography, Max & Dania put a spotlight on the TINA movement (This Is New Africa) in their promo for Fuse ODG and Angel. 

Jimmy Brown - 20th Oct 2014

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