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K-Trap 'Whistle' by Troy Roscoe

Promonews - 7th June 2024

K-Trap takes his girl to dinner on top of an aeroplane at 35,000 feet in Troy Roscoe's extravagant fantasy for the UK drill star's big song Whistle.

The South London rapper is also the conductor of his own glamourous whistling orchestra, in a video with an array of visually inventive set-ups. But the piece de resistance is the dinner date on the plane, with great VFX work from the team led by Gino Fernandez. 

"From the moment I proposed to K-Trap that we send him into the clouds on top of a commercial plane for his hit 'Whistle,' my excitement has been uncontrollable," reveals Roscoe. "I couldn't wait for the world to see it.

"The shoot had its challenges. We lost four hours right at the start, which meant I had to work quickly and precisely. Shooting on a green screen is always tricky because the artist has to imagine their surroundings, and even as the director, I can only visualise about 70% of the final product, relying heavily on the VFX team's outcome. But they truly delivered, especially considering they had just two weeks to complete the VFX!

"I'm incredibly happy with the result. The surreal, out-of-the-box visual concept contrasts sharply with the song's lyrics, which I love. K-Trap's content is quite dark, touching on street life and relationships, but the video's tone is playful and joyful, which was our goal.

"This is one of my favourite videos to date because I was given almost complete creative control, which is the greatest gift a director can receive."

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Promonews - 7th June 2024


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Troy Roscoe
Isabella Culver
Executive Producer
Marisa Garner
Executive Producer
Jordi Estapé Montserrat
Production Manager
Aisha Kemp
1st AD
Freddie Wright
2nd AD
Oliver Hill
Rory Purdy, Johana Rejholcova, Cerys Kenneally


Director of Photography
Miguel Carmenes
Focus Puller
Adam Fox
2nd AC
Rory Power
Jib Op
Mike Drury
Jib Assist
Henrry Denny


Krunal Saardani
Key Grip
Ricky Vallance
Anna Brooks Bechman, Ed Ervine, Charlie Lane


Production designer
Macy Matridi
Art dept
Eirelin Adams, Sam Webster


Maise Boyd


Kaz Ove
Editing company
Edit Assist
Jack O'Mullane


Colour Producer
Alex Carswell
Megan Lee
Colour grade company


Director's Representation


Gus Pitsilides

Promonews - 7th June 2024

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