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Cara Hammond 'Borderlines' by Graham Michael Roberts

Rob Ulitski - 13th July 2023

Cara Hammond gets to grips with her dreams in Graham Michael Roberts' introspective promo for Borderlines. 

In the video, Hammond is shown making plans with string on a corkboard, trying to map out and pin down her abundant interests, getting herself tangled in knots in the process. 

Eventually, the entire room is covered in string, and it takes a special focus and determination for the artist to break out of the cycle. 

The transition from daylight to night represents the 24-hour consuming nature of her thoughts, and DoP Ronan O'Loughlin's intimate cinematography helps visualise this brilliantly. The art direction is also on point, making a little bit go a long way in the concept.

"What drew me to this song was Cara's incredible voice, and I knew I just had to make a video for it," says Graham Michael Roberts. "Starring Cara herself, we created a character who makes plans to do everything, and it doing so, means she doesn't have the space to do anything at all. She becomes trapped by her own ideas.

"Ultimately she recognises this, and destroys the strings keeping her tied. This idea of being tied, I felt really chimed with Cara's story as an up and coming artist, she's starting again, having not made music in three years, and finally feeling free and happy."

Rob Ulitski - 13th July 2023


  • Director's notes
  • Pop
  • Performance
  • Knot
  • String
  • Ambition
  • House
  • bedroom

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Director of Photography
Ronan O'Loughlin


Gabriel Athanasiou

Rob Ulitski - 13th July 2023

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