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Broken Castles 'Dusk Is Forever Dawn' by Dan Gibling

Rob Ulitski - 25th Nov 2022

Dan Gibling directs a colourful smoke-filled woodland battle for rock outfit Broken Castles.

Depicting a fight between the band and a scourge of white rabbits the video for Dusk Is Forever Dawn is presented as a nightmarish fantasy gone wrong. With the band's frontman Ben Suttey as a fearsome Archangel of Death character, it's a wild and playful trip into the director's imagination.

"We took inspiration from Apocalypse Now with the multicoloured smoke grenades and the festoon lighting," says Gibling. "We focused heavily on Ben... shooting crossbows, firing muskets and breathing CGI wasps from his mouth to protect the village against the these demonic white rabbits.

"The band's sound is taken heavily from 90's rock and grunge and stoner music. So we shot the entire video in 12fps on uncoated superspeeds, to give an flarey abstract blurriness and grunginess to the whole thing."

Gibling adds that the look was greatly helped by being able to use high quality lenses and equipment, over Jubilee weekend, having just used them on a fashion film shoot. 

"Our DoP said 'we MUST shoot something cool with the lenses!" and so a last minute video came about,' he says. "Good fun in the woods with blood and crossbows and a demented LOUD frontman."

Rob Ulitski - 25th Nov 2022


  • Performance
  • Rock
  • Rabbit
  • Smoke
  • Woodland
  • Narrative
  • CGI

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Dan Gibling
Dan Gibling
Production Company
Chiba Film
Production Assistant
Dan Short


Director of Photography
James Westlake


Pete Joy


Dan Gibling

Rob Ulitski - 25th Nov 2022

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