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Eyeliner 'Drop Shadow' by Simon Ward

Promonews - 13th June 2022

Kiwi animator Simon Ward has created a marvellous entertaining video for New Zealand producer Eyeliner, aka Luke Rowell: a yellow dancing cyclopean figure's uninhibited jaunt through a subway system into a weird subterranean realm - featuring motion-captured movements by choreographer and dancer Alana Yee.

"I had just about finished writing this in NZ and the sections of the tune are marked by samples of subway trains, implying a kind of underground adventure - then I moved to Hong Kong and was riding the subway it all made a lot more sense," explains Rowell, of the title track from Eyeliner's 2020 album Drop Shadow

"It has been a true pleasure working again with good friends and long-time collaborators Simon and Alana, a real dream team! The video as a whole is exactly the sprawling and fun escapade that I had in my head while writing it.”

Promonews - 13th June 2022


  • Animation
  • CGI
  • Narrative
  • Dance
  • Electronic
  • Subway

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Simon Ward
Simon Ward


Lead Dancer
Alana Yee

Promonews - 13th June 2022

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