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Editors 'Heart Attack (Phase Fatale Remix)' by Felix Geen

Rob Ulitski - 23rd May 2022

Following his video for the original version of Editors' Heart Attack, pioneering director/ VFX artist Felix Geen creates a gothic dystopian journey using groundbreaking AI technology for this remix by Phase Fatale.

Hellish landscapes intertwine with haunting textures in the enigmatic concept, complementing the thumping beats of the Berlin-based artist's remix. 

“Typically when I’m making a music video I try to tune myself into the song and find the visual that resonates the loudest," says Geen. "More recently I’ve been working with AI generated art in my videos. It is a relatively new technology but its development is accelerating all the time.

"The full potential for it to completely revolutionise the visual creation process is yet to be seen. I currently think of working with the AI as a collaboration with a mad auteur who’s taken too much LSD. It is certainly quite interesting to be taken on a psychedelic journey by a computer who’s seen too much.”

The exaggerated visual aesthetic and otherworldly, mutating environment certainly is a sight to behold, and provides a great further context to the original music video. 

Rob Ulitski - 23rd May 2022


  • Animation
  • Rock
  • Electronica
  • AI
  • artificial intelligence
  • Remix
  • Mutating

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Felix Geen
Felix Geen


Sean Mayo
Zoot Management

Rob Ulitski - 23rd May 2022

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