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Naima Bock 'Giant Palm' by Max McLachlan

Rob Ulitski - 26th Apr 2022

Max McLachlan directs an intriguing video for Naima Bock, exploring the power and importance of support networks.

The video for Giant Palm begins in a series of dreary, cold interiors, with several characters mysteriously comatose in a house. As the visual progresses, each of them are slowly lifted and puppeted by dancers, helping them perform a daily activity (e.g. brushing their teeth, putting on a jumper, making their bed, etc.).

Inspired by the song, McLachlan also used personal experiences to inform his approach to the subject matter, which is captured in DoP Sam Donvito's classy work on 16mm. 

I think coming out of lockdowns and long days inside, the winter blues have hit a lot of us hard.

"Listening to the song, Naima's evocative lyrics made me think about coming to peace with a lack of control in life, floating above everything," says McLaghan "[It] also made me reflect on all the times we needed a little help to pick ourselves back up.

"I think coming out of years of lockdowns and long days inside, the winter blues have hit a lot of us hard. Personally I walked into work one day and just had to lay my head against the desk for a while. Whenever I've been in that low a state, it has been my friends who have managed to help me back onto my feet.

"I wanted to explore that visually so took those expriences and turned them into a literal dance collaborating with the movement director, Evie Webzell, and a group of amazing dancers. I just hope it shows how much that support has meant to me over the years, and that I will always try to be there and help lift any of them up, should they ever need a hand (be it giant or small)."

The escapist vibes at the end represent the breaking free of the cycle, culminating in a choreographed dance in a gold, saturated, sun-soaked field. Beautiful work from all involved.

Rob Ulitski - 26th Apr 2022


  • Choreography
  • Narrative
  • Performance
  • Depression
  • Support System
  • 16mm

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Bonnie Ophelia


Director of Photography
Sam Donvito
Focus Puller
Austen Lane
Focus Puller
Owen Diplock
2nd AC
James Huthwaite
Camera Trainee/Spark
Jack Fenton


Movement Director
Evie Webzell
Benjamin TJ, Dimisha Scott, Coralie Calford, Thea Kallhed Moller, Cassidy Jake Hansen, Naima Bock




Nick Duncan / Josh Cohen
Sub Pop

Rob Ulitski - 26th Apr 2022

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