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Arcade Fire 'Lightning I, II' by Emily Kai Bock

Promonews - 21st Mar 2022

The long-awaited return of Arcade Fire with Lightning I, II, arrives with a video from Emily Kai Bock, that like the song is a work of two distinct parts. A classic band performance, and then a riveting, terrifying narrative.

The band performance is filmed on a tiny outdoor stage in main street of a one-horse town on a sunny afternoon, like a rehearsal for a show at a county fair; the second part is preceded by signs of the weather changing, as the arc of balloons blows from its moorings.

Then comes the full threat of a catastrophic weather event; frontman Win Butler struggling against high winds towards his home, where we see the source of impending doom. This is a wonderfully cinematic exposition of a new reality of climate change.

In this case, disaster is apparently averted. But somehow the sight of the collapse of the coming tornado - brilliantly created by a VFX team headed by Josh Deu - is more resonant and effective in expressing its destructive power. It resembles the collapse of a skyscraper.

Promonews - 21st Mar 2022


  • Narrative
  • Performance
  • Rock
  • Tornado
  • Weather

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Emily Kai Bock
Miranda Kahn
Creative Director
Julia Simpson
Production Company
Executive Producer
Jacki Calliero
Executive Producer
Melissa Culligan
Production Manager
Ricardo Betancourt
1st AD
Eric Alder
2nd AD
Marcia Brown
2nd 2nd AD
Christine Chen
Key PA
Justin Mulbry
Set PA
Chelsea Cierria Davis, Justin Thompson, Christine Brown, Sigrid Forsythe, Justin Mulbry, Tyler Laperouse, Caitlin Roberts


Director of Photography
Oliver Millar
1st AC
Chris Cruz
2nd AC
Bao Ngo
Chad Chamberlain


Tanner Short
Key Grip
Justin Crawford
Billy Pizani
Jo Vidrine


Art Director
Matt Whittle
Production designer
Emily Kingston
Set Dresser
Mel Cripe
Art PA
Katalea Ford


Renata Morales
Maureen Chapman
Alana Hogg


Casting director
Hunter McHugh
Stunt Co-ordinator
Jeff Galpin
Destinie Jones, Malie Zox, Austin Naulty, Dennis Thomas, Kevin Cheatham, Wesley Pearson


VFX Supervisor
Josh Deu
SFX Artists
Dave Nami, Jordan Nami, Vlad Esipenko


Associate Producer
Abbie Jones
Location Manager
Nathan Harrison

Other credits


Win Butler, Regine Chassagne, Tim Kingsbury, Jeremy Gara, Sarah Neufeld, Paul Beaubrun, Dan Boeckner

Band Managers

Izvor Zivkovic & Dounia Mikou

Management Team

Ally Weissenberg, Dan Gieckel, Kathleen Sinsky Band Team-Chantal Vaillancourt, Michelle Friedstadt, Chloe Huff

Band Crew

Emily Eck, Ryan George, Eric Heigle, Mathieu Levesque, Carmen Negrelli, Frenchie Ouimet, Jason Starkey

Storyboard Artist

Zuzanna Kozak

Covid Supervisor

Kathleen Riley

Special Thanks

Kodak, The Town of Thibodaux, Little Buddy, EPOCH Films, Fotokem

Promonews - 21st Mar 2022

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