Promonews - 29th Nov 2021

Liam Desroy directs a vibrant performance video for Irish indie-pop outfit modernlove., combining the band's driving rendition of Us with screen projections to great effect.

The visuals are underpinnned by silhouettes of the band playing against projections of solid colours, enhanced by grainy artefacts, before introducing new elements - greater interplay between the band members; the head of an angelic-looking young woman appears on the screen behind singer Barry Lally.

Finally, the pulsating and expansive nature of the song is reflected by the band being joined by an enthusiastic crowd in front of the screens. It's a well-crafted work that pays homage to the indie-pop genre, described by Wonderland as "a visual delight to those who witness it."


DirectorLiam Desroy
ProducerPatrick Fryer
Production CompanyGreasy Waffle Films
Executive ProducerLuke Norcross-Webb
GafferGed Jokstas
Lead actorChloe Eia
CommissionerJoey Arnold
LabelAkira Records

Promonews - 29th Nov 2021

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