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Lime Garden 'Clockwork' by Max McLachlan

Rob Ulitski - 10th Nov 2021

Max McLachlan directs a widowed grandfather clock, grieving the loss of his wife, in this bizarre, funky video for fast-rising Lime Garden.

Featuring clockfaced dancers, plenty of head bobbing and the band trapped inside picture frames, the video is a spiral of funny, strange imagery.

All shot inside an outdated, 1960's fitted home, the video contrasts the upbeat groove of the song with slow zooms and reflective, albeit peculiar, moments. Just as the song does, the video finds a unique balance between something genuine and playful (with strong dancibility).

The visuals are clearly inspired by the lyrical content and theme of time passing/ageing, which singer Chloe Howard describes as being “written at a time when we were feeling trapped in the cycle of our everyday lives. We wanted to capture that sense of being caught in a continuous loop where emotions sometimes lead us to a dark and frantic mindset.”

Very likely to be the oddest video you watch today. You're guaranteed to come away feeling enlightened, and just a little bit queasy from the surreal nature of the piece. 

Rob Ulitski - 10th Nov 2021


  • Performance
  • Indie
  • Rock
  • Oddball
  • Performance
  • Narrative
  • Clocks

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Production Manager
Lottie O'Connell


Director of Photography
Joseph Brunt
Focus Puller
Louis Berman


Art Director
Julia Chacińska


So Young Records

Other credits

Art Assistant

Emilia Mendez

BTS Photographer

April Arabella

Rob Ulitski - 10th Nov 2021

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