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Elton John & Dua Lipa 'Cold Heart' (PNAU remix) by Raman Djafari

Promonews - 20th Aug 2021

Raman Djafari brings his signature 3D stop-motion like 3D animation style into the big time world of pop for the remix of Elton John's Cold Heart by PNAU, featuring Dua Lipa.

In this case, Djari also adds anime-influenced 2D elements to create a world full of celebration, dance and joy - including Studio-Ghibli-inspired renditions of Elton and Dua.

We follow the journey of four disco-dancing friends - reflecting the era that Elton enjoyed first time around, and Dua references in her hit album Future Nostalgia - of identical portly stature, as they move through galaxies that are increasingly dense with colour and nature.

Along the way, they make friends with all the spectacular life they find; spreading joy as they go. They end their journey dancing with Elton and Dua at the best garden party this side of the Milky Way.

Created in the isolation of the pandemic and inspired by the collaboration of two British icons, legendary and new, this video encapsulates a post-lockdown feeling to get back to a place where we can once again enjoy and feel music together, 2021-style.

Promonews - 20th Aug 2021


  • Animation
  • CGI
  • VFX
  • Pop
  • Disco
  • Remix
  • 3D animation
  • 2D animation
  • anime
  • Studio Ghibli

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Raman Djafari
Gareth Owen
Production Company
Executive Producer
Josef Byrne


Katie Dolan


Production Assistant
Molly Turner
3D Animation & Modelling
Raman Djafari
3D Animator
Rosa Siabi
2D Animation & Character Design
Raman Djafari
2D Animation & Character Design
Seo young
Raman Djafari

Other credits

Storyboard artists

Raman Djafari, Ewa Luczkow, Mysie Pereira

Background artist

Xavier Ren

2D animator & cleanup supervisor

Katie Spangenberg

2D animation

Joe Sparkes, Thomas Knowler, Ed Smith

2D clean up

Simona Mehandzhieva, Chirstopher Aboiralor, Jack Zhang, Jack Langridge Gould, Krisi Zhupali, Pete Chownsmith, Martin Dray, Reed Wiles, Lydia Reid, Nili Bhavsar, Natalie Gray, Kohana Wilson, Sameera Joshi

Promonews - 20th Aug 2021

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