Rob Ulitski - 19th May 2021

Effie Pappa explores artistic expression in her dynamic promo for Autow Nite Superstore.

The video focuses on two artists - JAMSQ and Natasa Tsagari - and their unique artworks, exploring the relationship between the visual concepts and the moments at which they cross over and collide. 

Experimenting with movement, texture and colour, the narrative is very much abstract in nature, but it doesn't make the video any less engaging or fulfilling - it in fact heightens the mood and experience.


It was a challenge to create a piece reflecting the original emotions the track brought to me.

“When I first listened to Autow Nite Superstore’s ‘SYZYGY’ it instantly gave me a tingling sensation and I knew it was a piece I had to visualize. It’s bold, honest and emotionally raw marriage between the mesmerizing Ave Maria and the brutal electronic chords, transported me to a place of true naked self in trepidation but in safety.

"My vision was to visualize these two different voices like corresponding systems mirroring each other's emotions to create a close union which would lead to a cathartic peak.

“SYZYGY is a lot about my personal relationship with art and it was a great challenge to create a visual piece that would equally reflect the original emotions that the track brought to me. JAMSQ and Natasa’s talent made this real.”

PRO Credits


ProducerEffie Pappa
DirectorEffie Pappa
ProducerAutow Nite Superstore
Production ManagerAimilia Milou
1st ADMarilena Euthimiou
Director of PhotographyDimitris Lambridis
Focus PullerMarios Delias
GafferKostas Bakogiannis
Art DirectorEffie Pappa
WardrobeAnna Zotou
Hair & Make-upNikole K
EditorThomas Balogiannis
ColouristManthos Sardis
Post production companyTakes2 Productions
VFXGeorge Kountouras
Director's RepresentationMonster@Dirty Films
Director's RepresentationDirty Films
CommissionerAutow Nite Superstore
Other creditsArt Asst: Anastasia Papadopoulou Cast: JAMSQ, Natasa Tsagari

Rob Ulitski - 19th May 2021

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