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Suzie Ungerleider 'Baby Blues' by Christine Fellows

Promonews - 17th May 2021

American-born, Canadian-raised singer-songwriter Suzie Ungerleider turned to fellow musician and animator Christine Fellows to create the collage-effect stop-motion video created from hundreds of cutout photos and paintings, for Baby Blues.

The track comes from Ungerleider's tenth solo album, due for release in August, which also marks the beginning of a new chapter. The two-time Canadian Juno Award nominee has enjoyed a distinguished career as Oh Susanna, and this is the first release since announceing she would record and perform under her birth name.

The accompanying video by Fellows is a captivating interpretation of the song's lyrics, thorugh the repeated use of a series of existing graphics to create a warmly nostalgic mid-20th century feel.


Paper collage and stop-motion offer a unique way of connecting with songs

“Before I made the video, I listened to Baby Blues over and over and over again until it played on a loop in my head all day. I dreamed the song, sat at my work table, flipping through pages and pages of images with my Xacto knife as I listened.

"The first image that revealed itself to me was the starry sky and the landscape, and everything else followed from there. To me, paper collage and stop-motion offer a unique way of connecting with songs, underlining elements of the rhythm and lyrics and dynamics, taking the song apart and putting it back together from a visual perspective. It gives me an opportunity for a deep listen. It’s also really fun.

"I’m so grateful for the opportunity to spend time with Baby Blues. It’s a perfect song. I hope you love it as much as I do.”

Promonews - 17th May 2021


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Christine Fellows


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Christine Fellows



Promonews - 17th May 2021

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