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Beatrich 'Same Song' by Alex + Plex Studio

Rob Ulitski - 17th May 2021

Alex + Plex Studio direct a lucid dream of a performance video for Beatrich. 

Sleepwalking through her house and into the open world, the video presents an abstract narrative layered with analogue textures and vibrant colours - which the duo are well accustomed to, given their focus on motion and design in previous work. 

A great little video that marks the director's first step into live action filming, and showcases their ability to interweave contemporary and vintage aesthetics.


We wanted to climax into a lucid trance becoming quite psychedelic at the end...

"The mysterious and dreamy nature of the song intrigued us from the get-go, so we wanted the video to feel very oniric throughout. Beatrich is an amazing performer and instead of focusing on a structured narrative, we decided to focus on her constantly slipping in and out of this imaginary, dreamy state of mind - whilst performing.

"We wanted to climax into a lucid trance becoming quite psychedelic at the end, so we turned to Jack Exton, one of our favourite DoPs, to help us convey that feeling.

"For the end scene we created and projected abstract visuals in the room, distorting and controlling them in real time with a midi keyboard. The visual ‘feedback loop’ technique, the wild camerawork and the frenetic light games created one of our favourite moments on set so far!”

RYAN MORGAN (Producer):

“Alex + Plex, known more for their innovative, analogue approach to 2D animation, created this submersive sleepwalk of journey for Beatrich to unknowingly glide through on her way to a beautiful nightmarish crescendo.

"This was a great opportunity for the young directors to showcase their ability to capture live imagery of an amazing performer such as Beatrich whilst maintaining their conceptual eye throughout the track and sprinkling it with subtle and majestic VFX elements. I would not normally suggest a director edit their own video but this was an occasion where it was totally worth it!

"This was our first video out of lockdown 1.0 during the intense heatwave of last summer so no one really knew what to expect on the day (let alone see another human in the flesh after months of isolation) and the fantastic Alex + Plex had suggested shooting at their studio on the canal in Haggerston. This was a lovely idea as the crew got the opportunity to dip their boiling hot toes in the canal on our lunch break for a well deserved cool down!"

Rob Ulitski - 17th May 2021


  • Director's notes
  • New Directors
  • Pop
  • Texture
  • Analogue
  • Vintage
  • Contemporary

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Alex + Plex Studio
Ryan Morgan
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Executive Producer
Toby Walsham
Production Manager
Beatrice Giustini


Director of Photography
Jack Exton
Focus Puller
Toby Mckay


Helio Ribeiro 


Alex + Plex Studio


Jonny Tully
Colour grade company
Tag Collective Arts


Director's Representation
OB Management


Alex Sayers
Twin Music

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Moses Jeremiah


Sam Fullerton


Nick Gatfield / Rachel Gardiner

Rob Ulitski - 17th May 2021

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