Rob Ulitski - 26th Apr 2021

Fiona Godivier celebrates the joy in the everyday, in her hopeful promo for Paul Weller. 

Heading to the Mediterranean, Godivier presents a series of interconnected vignettes, offering snapshots of day to day life in various character's worlds.

Exploring the small moments in life that make the difficult times worth it, the video explores connectedness, relationships and the beauty of crossing paths with strangers, projecting a feeling of optimism and hope. 

Godivier anchors each of the stories to a striking location, using her keen architectural eye to backdrop the narratives and create the feeling that in every one of these places, a million other special moments are unfolding.

PRO Credits


DirectorFiona Godivier
Production CompanyAcademy Films
Executive ProducerMaurizio Von Trapp
Service CompanyShotinmars
Director of PhotographyChristian Huck
Focus PullerLionel Fornini
EditorEdward Cooper
Editing companyThe Assembly Rooms
ColouristSebastian Göhs
Post ProducerJoshua Gochez
Director's RepresentationClaire Stubbs @ Mouthpiece

Rob Ulitski - 26th Apr 2021

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