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The Clockworks 'Feels So Real' by Oscar Ryan

Rob Ulitski - 8th Apr 2021

The Clockworks traverse the dark underbelly of London in Oscar Ryan's promo for Feels So Real - his second video for the Irish band. 

Interweaving snippets of an abstract narrative - where the band members stalk underpasses and dimly lit streets, looking for someone or something - the video doesn't have a clear-cut narrative, but that's what makes it so engaging. 

DoP Rik Burnell elevates the mysterious aesthetic with bold coloured lighting and Snorricam setups, creating an out of body experience fit for a crime drama. 


The video needed real dizziness to add to the feeling of being lost in this chaotic city.

"I wanted the boys to play characters ‘working’ in the underbelly of London that gave the feeling they were no more than nocturnal animals acting on instinct. Even though this track sounds uplifting, I felt there was some real darkness at the core of it and that’s what excited me.

"The start of the video feels more open and structured but switches dramatically when our main character starts to lose touch with reality and goes on the run.

"The lyrics felt so suffocating to me, therefore the video needed real dizziness to add to the feeling of being lost in this chaotic city. The Snorricam work wonders for that.

"Massive love to our small crew for grafting on this one, we had our work cut out from the start so hopefully, it paid off. Rik and James - pure talent."

Rob Ulitski - 8th Apr 2021


  • Director's notes
  • Electronic
  • Dangerous
  • London
  • Crime
  • mysterious

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Oscar Ryan
Julien Cornwall
Production Company
Head & Wrecker
Executive Producer
Ash Teague


Director of Photography
Focus Puller
Fabio Cachucho
Focus Puller
Kai Newton


James Bradley


Hansel Rodrigues


Its Creation Baby

Other credits

Grip (Day 1)

Michael Farrel

Grip (Day 2)

Steve Gilbert

Rob Ulitski - 8th Apr 2021

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