Rob Ulitski - 25th Feb 2021

Jonatan Egholm Keis directs a tour de force of love and obsession, in this fateful vampire tale for Drew Sycamore. 

Inspired by the Twilight teen flicks and old school Hollywood portrayals of the pale Count Dracula, the promo is a short film turned music video, which was shot across more than seven locations in Denmark – including an abandoned hospital and a 1430s monastery. 

DoP Robin Holtz infuses the cinematography with indulgent colour palettes and richly textured compositions, interweaving experimental camera movement with more traditional setups.

Capturing a perfect blend of nostalgia and vibrant snapshots of modern vampire lore, Keis' directing anchors the sprawling concept with a sense of intimacy and danger, which is perfectly interpreted and performed by Sycamore. 


DirectorJonatan Egholm Keis
ProducerJonatan Egholm Keis
Production ManagerElla Lydholm
Director of PhotographyRobin Holtz
Focus PullerTobey Nordenlund
GafferChristian Birkebaek
WardrobeMads Stig
HairMads Stig
Make-upMads Stig
EditorJonatan Egholm Keis
ColouristLasse Basse Selvli
Grading companyBacon X
Post ProducerCamilla Strandskov
VFXJens Wahlers
Lead actorAske Bache

Rob Ulitski - 25th Feb 2021

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