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Alfie Templeman 'Everybody's Gonna Love Somebody' by Thomas Davis

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Feb 2021

Alfie Templeman meets a strange creature who needs his help, in Thomas Davis' charming promo for Everybody's Gonna Love Somebody. 

Waking up in an extraterrestrial environment, Alfie meets a fuzzy alien in an abandoned car, and proceeds to drive across the planet to help him find his AWOL love interest. 

It's a refreshing take on the buddy road-trip concept, and very much in line with Alfie's style and down to Earth - pun intended - personality. 

DoP Samuel Meyer matches the abstract concept with a colour palette of burnt orange and teal, and makes use of the abundant natural light to create a rich, cinematic aesthetic.


I really wanted to take the viewer on a real cinematic, storytelling experience.

"I’m always hyped to work with Alfie. His sound and overall aesthetic is always on point, and have and still am a huge of fan of the lad. The young superstar always writes an absolute banger of a track. It’s nice to be trusted with an out of the box concept, especially when the artist is keen to jump on board and really get involved with my vision.

"I just wanted to really push the boundaries on the creative for this one. After going around, we kind of had the concept from the get go, which always was based around the aesthetic of Back To The Future meet E.T., but then I went back to the drawing board and then the puppets got added into the mix and that’s where it got exciting.

"I really wanted to take the viewer on a real cinematic, storytelling experience. Having them engage with the two on screen, seeing them bond as their friendship grows, whilst Alfie and Brian (the green puppet) are on search to find his long lost love Suzie (the yellow puppet). Which is often hard to execute especially in such a short amount of time. But I spent a longtime writing and devising the narrative for this film.

"Working with Common People is always a treat, I feel so supported. I had also wanted to work with DOP Sam Meyer for a while, he’s shot some of my favourite videos from the past year. So was a pleasure to have his talent, trust and input involved with this film. Huge appreciation and credit to all of the crew on this.

"Was crazy shooting this in the UK in the middle of January, as originally I wanted to shoot this video overseas. But due to Brexit and COVID, it just wasn’t an option. But we managed to shoot on the only sunny day in January, especially after having to postpone the shoot due to COVID. On the shoot day the skies were blue and cloud free all day. So it felt like we were shooting in the middle of Nevada or something, it was dope."

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Rob Ulitski - 22nd Feb 2021


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Rob Ulitski - 22nd Feb 2021

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