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Katy Perry 'Not The End Of The World' by Similar But Different

Promonews - 22nd Dec 2020

It’s 2020 and the Earth is about to self-destruct... That's not the news, it's Katy Perry's new video, directed by Similar But Different and starring Zooey Deschanel. It's a tongue in cheek take on the whole Katy and Zooey döppelgänger internet phenomenon.

The video is set a retro-futuristic sci-fi future.  Other intergalactic species know the end for humankind is near, including a bunch of Katy-obsessed aliens, who want to save (abduct) Katy before Earth’s demise and bring her to the mothership to perform for them for eternity. Unfortunately, the alien duo in charge of the mission made a common terrestrial mistake: rather than beam up Katy, out with her new baby, they grab Zooey Deschanel instead.

Smash cut to mission control on the mothership, a confused Zooey comes-to and realizes she’s been mistaken (again) for Katy as her abductors also realize they’ve made a mistake. Terrified that they’ve captured the wrong person, and fearful of repercussions, Zooey makes a deal with her abductors to play the role of Katy in exchange for them letting her save the Earth.  Luckily, Earth’s fate is saved as Zooey quickly starts to embrace the role of intergalactic popstar.

If only the Brexit negotiations had gone so smoothly (and quickly). But of course, that gig was handled by men.

The video has fun with classic Katy Perry music video tropes and retains the kooky but knowing tone of so many of her videos. And it’s an expert exercise in set design, costume design and performance in creating this storyworld. 

“We are such fans of Katy’s wit — her out-of-this-world imagination and creative brain," say Similar But Different's Dani Girdwood and Charlotte Fassler. "We’ve also always been obsessed with aliens and retro-futurism, and after hearing the song for the first time our minds exploded with where we could take it. Not sure there’s ever been a project more meant for us than this one.”

Promonews - 22nd Dec 2020


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Similar But Different
Daniel Yaro
Production Company
Production Company
North Of Now
Executive Producer
Elizabeth Doonan
Production Manager
Matisse Gaillard


Director of Photography
Issac Bauman
1st AC
Esher Woodworth


Production designer
Emma Rose Mead


Teresa Toogie Barcelo


Stephania Dulowski


Jenny Montgomery
Grading company
Company 3


Line Producer
Carlye Burke
Director's Rep (US)
Hart Represents

Other credits

Creative Producer

Daniel Yaro

Production Coordinator

David Kim

Key Grip

Steve Forbes


Kazmo Kida

Art Production Coordinator

Ryan Capiro

Set Decorator

Nicole Rodarte

Art Director

Daniel Lee Everson

Prop Master

Joshua Hargrave


Paris Peterson

Sound Design

Jo Orso


Anuar Baza, Chris Riley, Matt Riley, George Ezda

Additional Photography

Mowgly Lee

Promonews - 22nd Dec 2020

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