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AC/DC 'Demon Fire' by Ben Ib

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Dec 2020

An enigmatic protagonist tries to traverse a nightmarish hellscape, in Ben Ib's return to music videos for iconic rock outfit AC/DC. 

A versatile director of videos in the Noughties (and creator of the satirical Secret Diary Of A Music Video Director comic strip in PROMO magazine) Ben Ib is now working in animation, well known for his CG work for artists such as Kylie and Calvin Harris. Now this video for Demon Fire captures the incendiary energy of the legendary Aussie rockers in every frame, with the aesthetic landing somewhere between the Doom video game franchise and Queen Of The Stone Age's Go With The Flow. 

The world Ib has created is breathtaking, drawing on the band's iconography, with plumes of fire crashing underfoot, futuristic neon HGVs and an army of pissed-off bikers circling around the high-speed chase scenes. 

The videogame style perfectly suits the typically aggressive track, allowing Ib the opportunity to pull from a variety of references with abandon, and mould them into something exciting, engaging and rip-roaringly fun. 


I had vowed never to do a music video again...   

"I had worked with creative director Josh Cheuse on the Power Up album release, creating the cover image for the album and a whole host of imagery and animation on the digital side.

"The idea was to create an animated video that somehow brought the aesthetic from the release into the videos - and Demon Fire was a chance to really push this. I had vowed never to do a music video again, because of the punishing post-production schedules involved - self-inflicted of course! But this one was too good an opportunity to turn down."

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Dec 2020


  • Advertising
  • Animation
  • CGI
  • Rock
  • Hell
  • Hellscape
  • Nightmare
  • Car

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Ben Ib


Ben Ib


Ben Ib
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Ben Ib


Josh Cheuse
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Rob Ulitski - 22nd Dec 2020

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