Rob Ulitski - 17th Dec 2020

Just when you thought we had seen everything shot in lockdown, another promo comes along to offer a different perspective on those unusual few months that saw us contained to our houses and apartments.

Mark Van Heusden's video for HUEGO patchwork of late-night grooving in his feelgood promo for Other People.  

This gem comes attached to an addictive beat, and whilst simple in concept, is a charming and engaging exploration of what we do when no-one is watching - in this case, throwing shapes with abandon, wherever and whenever possible. 


I wanted to show how different people deal with the anxiety of being stuck inside... 

"Shot during the lockdown in South East London, I had to get creative as I couldn't phsyically meet my friends or enter their homes, so I shot this video from a distance whilst directing them on the phone.

"Music has been a way of relaxing during these strange times, so I wanted to capture that in a video and show how different people deal with the anxiety of being stuck inside, by dancing to a chilled-out track."


DirectorMark Van Heusden
ProducerMark Van Heusden
Director of PhotographyMark Van Heusden
EditorMark Van Heusden
ColouristMark Van Heusden

Rob Ulitski - 17th Dec 2020

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