David Knight - 20th Oct 2020

Keith Schofield brings his absolute A game to his hilarious, outrageous new video for A-Trak and Armand Van Helden's team-up Duck Sauce.

There's clubbing, celebrities, sex and drugs... and there are also timecards, Wikipedia, a thought-provoking discussion about the merits of Simulation Theory. And buttholes. In fact, the video for Mesmerize may be the ultimate Keith Schofield video.

Framed as a detailed animatic for a video that could not be made due to prevailing shooting regulations in the time of Covid-19, Schofield employs fairly basic digital tools to realise a supremely irreverent, often outrageous stream of consciousness narrative. That touches upon some of his favourite preoccupations seen in his previous videos, in terms of subject matter and also technique - particularly the use of 3D animation and stock footage in ways it was never intended. Schofield's equally transgressive Duck Sauce video for Big Bad Wolf gets a blink-and-you'll-miss nod too. 

The deconstruction of the creative process and the animation style is the key to allowing Schofield's imagination free reign. But a tenuous internal logic and narrative thread manages to hold even through all the craziness: a satire on club and celebrity culture - essentially vacuous and boring - turns into the simulations of A-Trak and Van Helden discussing the semantics of existence with their simulation celeb mates. That gets faster as the track leads to the drop, and to get the whole thing you need to freeze frame, and no doubt pick up some 'bonus' images. And it all culminates in the indelible image of the camera (and therefore the viewer) disappearing up their backsides... more than once. 

Only Keith Schofield could take you on this journey. Okay, perhaps only Schofield would want to. It's just so good that he is out there, occasionally making videos like this. That is, of course, if any of us do actually exist...

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DirectorKeith Schofield
Production CompanyCaviar

David Knight - 20th Oct 2020

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