Rob Ulitski - 21st Sept 2020

Grant Taylor and Kashman Harris challenge society's stereotypes in this brilliant video for Aaron Taylor. 

Aptly titled Flowers, the video juxtaposes media fearmongering with softer, more delicate portraits of black men, lamenting the quote in the opening scene. 

The directors capture a real sense of joy and poignancy in the performance, and art director Elena Muntoni does a top-notch job in decorating the space with hundreds upon hundreds of flowers and petals. 

Striking, affecting and important work. 


DirectorGrant Taylor
DirectorKashman Harris
ProducerMax Ross
Production CompanyBright & Colourful
Production CompanyMDMX Films
Director of PhotographyMiguel Carmenes
Focus PullerOliver Munks
GafferJakub Paczos
Art DirectorElena Muntoni
Make-upCheryl Mcquaid
EditorGonçalo Sá Correia
Post production companyBright & Colourful
VFXBright & Colourful
LabelTribe Management
Other creditsArt Assistant: Jimmy Van Twest Sparks: Ian Blackburn And Lluc Mestre Runner: Thomas Redhead Cast: Aaron Taylor, Titus Taylor, Benjamin Sarpong-broni, Samuel Kyi, Ife Ogunjobi, Jeramiah Olaleye

Rob Ulitski - 21st Sept 2020

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