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Fredwave 'Dust' by Brock Neal-Roberts

Promonews - 10th Sept 2020

Brock Neal-Roberts' film for Fredwave's album Dust employs striking, almost painterly compositions to represent a period of struggle that Fred has experienced over the past few years.

The film covers three tracks, each one with its own evocative setting, captured in impressive cinematography by Jaime Ackroyd.


The film gives an introspective look into the character of Fred and his songs.

“Fredwave’s album Dust is a collection of songs he never got around to releasing during the years 2013-2019. The tracks paint a picture of heartache and loss - both metaphorically and literally.

"The album film fuses three tracks - Faith, Choose Me Tonight and Control. Bringing out themes of loneliness, depression and being lost whilst referencing the labouring work Fred has done during time away from making music as well as the highs and lows of love. 

"The film gives an introspective look into the character of Fred and his songs whilst depicting him as being lost amongst numerous landscapes as things change and distort around him, in a similar way that these tracks have been lost over the years before finally finding the daylight.”

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Promonews - 10th Sept 2020


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Brock Neal-roberts
India Bradshaw
Production Company


Director of Photography
Jaime Ackroyd
Focus Puller
Lawrence Beckwith
2nd AC
Iona Greaves


Beth Roberts


Alex Gregory
Colour grade company
The Mill

Other credits

Sound Designer

Seb Bruen

Promonews - 10th Sept 2020

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