Rob Ulitski - 2nd Sept 2020

Gianennio Salucci directs a playful take on the "lockdown video" for Blame Candy's Playtime. 

Instead of editing together self-shot content from friends and fans, Salucci has gone one step further and transmitted the snippets to a series of old TV's, sitting in the background of the band's performance. 

Exhilarating, shiny and absolutely bonkers, the visuals are the perfect blend of nostalgia and futurism, and a genius way of taking the lockdown format to a whole new level. 


We built a silver mylar tunnel and got a full frame fisheye on a Sony Venice, then our DoP went to town.

"Blame Candy are a kickass Glam Rock-ish band that wanted to make a COVID video for their new song. They happen to have a bunch of talented friends in the music industry and had them all submit self-filmed snippets of them performing the new song in true Blame Candy fashion.

"They came to me to edit together the snippets into a video, but I had the idea of using a bunch of old vintage TVs and a UHF transmitter I got off Ebay to literally broadcast their friends (and drummer who left town because of COVID!) to the TVs. We built a silver mylar tunnel and got a full frame fisheye on a Sony Venice and our DoP went to town.

"Somehow, this is one of my favourite videos I've made and also absolutely the least expensive."

PRO Credits


DirectorGianennio Salucci
ProducerGianennio Salucci
Director of PhotographyBryant Jansen
EditorGianennio Salucci
VFXGianennio Salucci

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Sept 2020

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