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Rebecca Garton x Ling Hussle x Alana Marie ft Tia Carys 'All Me Part 2' by Rebekah Creative

Rob Ulitski - 27th Aug 2020

Rebekah Creative captures the spirit of the 90's in her throwback video for All Me Part 2. 

Marking a huge collaboration between some of the UK's finest female R&B and hip hop artists, the visual is a vibrant and riveting affair. 

The use of primary colour helps structure each of the performances, and is reminiscent of the 90's/early Noughties. The warehouse location is a perfect backdrop to each of the vignettes, adding a sense of scale and a flair of industrial art direction. 


Artists like Eve, Mariah Carey and Lil Kim set the pace for female artists and we wanted to pay tribute. 

"All Me Part 2 is a modern rendition of Lil Kim's iconic video with Lil Cease Crush On You.

"In 2020 we are seeing a wave of powerful females dominating the UK scene. The braggadocious and fearless tone of the track reminded me of the golden R’n’B and hip hop age. Iconic artists like Eve, Mariah Carey and Lil Kim set the pace for female artists and we wanted to pay tribute to that era.

"Rebecca Garton, Tia Carys, Alana Maria and Ling Hussle all bring their own unique flavour to the video through killer performance and unique style. We assigned each of them a strong primary color and let them dictate the energy of their own performances.

"There was a strong female energy on set which made the day so much fun. Thank you to our amazing DOP Paul MacKay who helped us capture each artist to glossy 90s inspired perfection!" 

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Rob Ulitski - 27th Aug 2020


  • Director's notes
  • Performance
  • R&B
  • Hip-Hop
  • 90s
  • industrial
  • Colour

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Rebekah Creative
Melissa Massey
Production Company
Yellow Fish Limited
Executive Producer
Luke Biggins
Production Manager
Talor Hanson


Director of Photography
Paul Mackay
Focus Puller
Dan Deighton


Edibile Elevens


Caroline Morin
Colour grade company


Director's Representation


Sam Adebayo
3 Beat

Rob Ulitski - 27th Aug 2020

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