Rob Ulitski - 27th Aug 2020

A man is stuck in a Groundhog Day-style loop in Lily Gwynne-Thomas' electrifying promo for Grafix. 

Sitting in a bedroom surrounded by a glitching TV and several peepholes, the main character - played by Nick Fagg - is frantically trying to discover who is watching him, and how to break out of the distressing loop he lingers in. 

DoP Alasdair K. Boyce matches the hyperactive pace with vivid red lighting and handheld camerawork, building upon the tension in the concept. 


I wanted to play with the idea of a never-ending room 'loop' in which someone was trapped.

"I’m a big fan of high concept videos and when I heard the track I knew I wanted to do something fast-paced and ambitious.

"I wanted to play with the idea of a never-ending room 'loop' which somebody was trapped within. Each room was to feel slightly different and become more and more chaotic as the track progresses.

"Myself and our production designer Rosi Stamp added many tiny details which were suggestive of observation and eyes - a copy of 1984, A Clockwork Orange poster, the security camera and coincidentally, actor Nick Fagg’s eye tattoo. Nick brought a great performance on the day which was beautifully captured by DP Al Boyce, creating some gritty imagery.

"For the edit I knew we needed to do something punchy, and after we wrapped our head around the assembly, D-Fran [Michele Difrancesco] created an epic cut which really compliments the track."

PRO Credits


DirectorLily Gwynne-thomas
ProducerConnor O’Hara
Production CompanyLowkey Films
Executive ProducerJamie Gamache
Director of PhotographyAlasdair K. Boyce
GafferSimon Battensby
Art DirectorRosi Stamp
EditorMichele Difrancesco
ColouristMicheal Pearce
Lead actorNick Fagg
LabelHospital Records

Rob Ulitski - 27th Aug 2020

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