Rob Ulitski - 21st Aug 2020

A woman deals with crippling loneliness in Anthony Dickenson's return to music videos for Australian singer-songwriter Stu Larsen.  

Stumbling from room to room, location to location, the main character - played by German actor Aylin Tezel - is trying to fill her time, plagued by memories of better times and an intense urge to escape. 

Strikingly human and authentic, Tezel's performance in Wide Awake And Dreaming focuses on the minutiae of everyday life, as she attempts to busy herself with small details - condensation on a window, snippets of words said between lovers - whilst suffering with an anxious mind. 

Doubling up as DoP as well as director, Dickenson's gentle direction and ability to create intimate scenes through the cinematography creates a perfect visual accompaniment to Larsen's melodic track.

This is an impressive return to the medium by the director, who came on came on board after Stu Larsen had connected with Aylin Tezel to initiate the music video project, in rather unusual circumstances - as Dickenson explains below.  


The idea evolved as we explored Aylin’s performance and the environments we travelled through. 

"Stu Larsen approached Aylin Tezel after he had a dream where he saw her in one of his music videos. Aylin was excited by the prospect of making a film so she chose one of his tracks and asked if I wanted to direct.

"We shot at the end of last year during much simpler times, but ironically the video explores the themes of loneliness and escape which has been heavy in the mind over past few months. Nature and environmental themes also seem to find their way into all of my work, the calming effect of open natural spaces and abundant wildlife could not be clearer.

"The production was really freeing as it was really just me, Aylin and a camera. The idea evolved as we explored Aylin’s performance and the environments we travelled through. We created a scenario where it was just allowed to happen."

PRO Credits


DirectorAnthony Dickenson
ProducerAnthony Dickenson
Director of PhotographyAnthony Dickenson
EditorAnthony Dickenson
ColouristJack McGinity
Grading companyCHEAT
Lead actorAylin Tezel

Rob Ulitski - 21st Aug 2020

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