Rob Ulitski - 1st July 2020

Yung Lean struggles to exist peacefully in isolation, in Anton Tammi's visual for Outta My Head. 

Taking place in a nondescript motel room, Lean is trapped both physically and mentally, chain-smoking cigarettes as he searches for something to stimulate his mind. 

The lime green colouring evident in the lighting and props gives the video a surreal and almost alien vibe, reminiscent of the 90's Goosebumps TV show, or Edgar Wright's cult sitcom Spaced. Although in fact, Tammi was inspired mostly by the Dogme 95 films from a similar period, as he explains below.

Isolation has become so unusual and foreign as a concept to Lean, that he doesn't even feel human anymore. The radio blurts out the latest death statistics whilst he sings along to karaoke on his TV. That is the dichotomy of lockdown. 


I think Jonatan is a talented actor and we share the same attitude towards improvisation 

"I had wanted to work with Jonatan for years… We met in Stockholm finally this year 2020. As I got stuck in the city due to the corona-situation, we started to talk more and more about this character of the lonely man. Jonatan knows a lot about movies, and we have a similar taste around certain themes and styles of filmmaking, aesthetic and humour.

"For [the] Outta My Head video, the big inspiration was the Dogme 95 film-making style. Think of the Riget TV series or Festen by Thomas Vinterberg, or Dancer In The Dark, etc… The attempt to strip down all artificial movie-making tricks and focus purely on the story and the acting. I think it’s rare to do a music video in this style. But we loved the challenge and went full on in shooting everything in one room, handheld doc style.

"There was only three people in the room: myself, our DP Erik Henriksson and Jonatan. I think Jonatan is a talented actor and me and him share the same attitude towards improvisation, and how to get into character. I really think it shows in our video – his acting is so real, you think almost if this really happened to him."


DirectorAnton Tammi
ProducerAdam Holmstrom
Production CompanyWhitearmor
Executive ProducerHenrik Bel Gaied
Director of PhotographyErik Henriksson
Art DirectorOtis Huss
WardrobeNicole Walker
Make-upDaniela Mengarelli
Make-upLeffe Crumlove
EditorTim Montana
EditorJanne Varta
ColouristNicke Jacobsson
Other creditsSound: Akseli Soini Graphic Design: Aleksi Tammi

Rob Ulitski - 1st July 2020

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