Rob Ulitski - 17th June 2020

Jack Lightfoot directs an introspective promo for Sody's Bedroom Ceiling, capturing that feeling of helpless boredom that has become a an experience of so many in the past few weeks. 

Alone in her room and in her thoughts, it begins with Sody sprawled across her bed whilst performing to an overhead camera. As the video progresses, Sody starts replicating, each clone taking on their own aspect of a boring routine - sitting on the phone, texting, talking. It's a Groundhog Day of loneliness and isolation, and Sody has only the bedroom ceiling to keep her company. 

Minimalist in concept, DoP James Dearden employs an intimate and naturalistic style of cinematography to help tell the story, using an overhead vantage point to directly link to the title of the track. 

PRO Credits


DirectorJack Lightfoot
ProducerJack Lightfoot
Production CompanyBlindeye Films
Director of PhotographyJames Dearden
Art DirectorEmma Witter
Editing companyBlindeye Films
Grading companyDan Moran
Director's RepresentationCarrie Sutton
CommissionerJess Spink

Rob Ulitski - 17th June 2020

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