Rob Ulitski - 8th June 2020

Singapore-based duo Vivid Shade explore a dystopian future in the video for We Will Destroy You, directed by frontwoman Zoejoey. 

Echoing nostalgic lo-fi vibes, the visual is a cross between a 90's home movie and horror B-movie, exploring unusual themes in a candid and decidedly surreal way. 

Blurring the line between artificial experience and reality, the video is a hypnotic visualisation of the haunting track.  


The dark chorus sections of the video is an analogy [to the] casual misogyny and sexism that I have to endure. 

"This song takes places in a dystopian future and is about a robot that has become self-aware. It is frustrated with how it has been forced into submission by humans, and even though it sees the humans as violent and careless, it feels that if it would just be allowed to live free, it would be able to show the humans how to live a more peaceful life.

"This song is really an analogy of how I feel as a teenage young woman. In the video I try to show that even though I am in what looks like a paradise (the beach scenes were filmed on the Sentosa island in Singapore), I am still melancholic due to the fact that a young woman can never really escape the scary world that the patriarchy creates around us all.

"The dark chorus sections of the video is an analogy of the ever present oppression through casual misogyny and sexism that I have to endure. It changes me (and most girls) in ways that I don't always really like.

"This is why I turn more monstrous in the second chorus and I learn to embrace this darker monster that it has create and fight to overcome it. At the very end I have completely turned and can finally stand fully ready to take on the world in my new empowered form."


ProducerVivid Shade
LabelHypatia Records

Rob Ulitski - 8th June 2020

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