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Baby Queen 'Internet Religion' by BWTV

Rob Ulitski - 3rd June 2020

BWTV direct an anachronistic, distorted love letter to the world wide web in the video for Bella Latham, aka Baby Queen. 

Utilising a mix of nostalgic iconography - endless loading signs and glitchy word art included - and modern day software and memes, the video is a tongue-in-cheek and unabashed exploration of the internet and the effects it has had on our society. 


As lockdown set in, it became clear that our most crucial goal was to have fun.

"We’ve wanted to do something of an online odyssey for a while and this track gave us the perfect opportunity.

"This was our first video in lockdown but fortunately the limitations we faced complimented our approach for the shoot. We prepped a bunch of looks and jammed an Addison Lee full of wigs, props, colouramas and recording devices and sent it on it’s merry way.

"It was really fun collaborating with a new artist, Baby Queen and her household put so much heart into the process it was truly a pleasure. Although we had a pretty strict shoot plan in place it was wonderful being able to improvise and have such a good laugh doing so.

"The brief was to to make the video feel exhausting, so one of our main objectives was to make something overwhelmingly eclectic but also very recognisable to a whole bunch of people effectively raised by the internet.

"However, as the project evolved and lockdown set in, it became clear that our most crucial goal was to have fun and to share as much of that fun as possible. To make something entertaining that would brighten peoples day for a moment or two. We hope that we did that and that you enjoy!! LOL BRB FML"

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Rob Ulitski - 3rd June 2020


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Director of Photography
Wayne Hohls / Ben Hohls / Baby Queen


Daniel Davies


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Semera Kahn

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Sebastian Foux, Callum Crossley, Patricia Villirillo, Lottie Moss, Louis Danckwerts, Ed King, Sarah Hohls, Juice MGMT

Rob Ulitski - 3rd June 2020

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