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Dotan 'No Words' by Bjorn Franklin & Johnny Marchetta

Rob Ulitski - 1st June 2020

Bjorn Franklin and Johnny Marchetta direct a dramatic and poignant visual for Dotan's No Words. 

Enclosed in a confined glass tank, Dotan performs as a rising body of water engulfs him, visualising the back-and-forth struggle evident in the track. 

As the video's DoP, Johnny Marchetta utilises vibrant coloured lighting to enhance the aesthetic, and separate Dotan from the watery abyss surrounding him. The use of wider shots towards the end of the video, having been constructed of mainly close-ups throughout, creates a calm sense of surrender, to contrast the frenetic attempts at escape from before.

Bjorn Franklin:

"This was a video heavily inspired by the songs message of not needing words to explain yourself and letting your art speak for itself. Myself and Johnny both worked closely with Dotan on this concept.

"Capturing him trapped in the water tank was a part of our literal story of keeping someone confined and unable to escape. We wanted to show struggle and perseverance. At times we all feel we cant quite explain ourselves, or even, often we dont want to. Playing with the literal and metaphorical sense in that was a fun challenge on this video."

Rob Ulitski - 1st June 2020


  • Performance
  • Indie
  • Pop
  • Water

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Bjorn Franklin
Johnny Marchetta
Gina Burns
Production Company
Bee Happy Media


Director of Photography
Johnny Marchetta
Focus Puller
Emily Jayne Robinson
2nd AC
Max Guy Openshaw


Lorenzo Guerrieri


Art Director
Kai Coombes


Hair & Make-up
Maisie Brooks


Cooking Vinyl


Camera Trainee
Alfie Brown

Rob Ulitski - 1st June 2020

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