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Vancouver China 'Maybe It's For The Best' by Dustie Carter

Rob Ulitski - 3rd Apr 2020

Dustie Carter directs an ethereal and transcendent visual for 'Maybe It's For The Best', premiering exclusively on Promonews

Across a series of dreamy vignettes, we follow the artist as he explores the memory of a relationship and the agonising decision to move on from it. 

Mesmerising performance setups punctuate the dreamscape, with vivid colour and textures matching the wistful vibe of the track. Clever transitions create a looping, Groundhog Day- style narrative within the visual, representing the fruitless yearning for normality and reconnection.

DoP Mike Dalton utilises contrast across the colour scheme and lighting design, building upon the dichotomy that runs through the visual. The artist is trapped between a perfect past and an uncertain future, and the push-and-pull of his headspace is translated on-screen through distorted composition and breathtaking cinematography.

It's a brilliant promo with a fresh perspective, and Carter balances the surreal aesthethic and emotional themes with great focus.


"With its melancholic tone and pulsing bass, Maybe It’s For The Best immediately began to create itself visually upon our first listen. The lyrics connected with me. While, the performance section of the video acts as a narration into the couples relationship, I wanted to capture surreal visuals to take us through the fleeting, uncertain memories of their past.

"We really had a blast on this one. Mike Dalton, the DP, and I found the sharpness of the digital sensor to disconnect with what we were trying to accomplish. Because of that, we found ourselves putting anything and everything on and/or in front the lens to achieve a dreamy and sometimes distorted vibe. We had goals for what we wanted to capture, but made sure we kept the shoot fluid allowing ourselves to discover new angles and ideas along the way.

"Admitting to oneself that it is time to move on can be a tough decision, and the ebbs and flows of an unhealthy relationship can pollute that decision. With this music video, I wanted to uncover the process of finally admitting moving on is for the best."


"Sometimes you’re torn apart by someone you love, or you tear yourself apart trying to make it work with them. They’re intoxicating but toxic. You find yourself losing yourself trying to be any and everything that they dream up that given moment.

"You wonder if you’re even who you want to be anymore. It’s about coming to terms with the end of what was a tumultuous relationship. You’ve bent until almost broken. Nearly crumbled. Maybe it’s best that you leave with what you still have left."

Rob Ulitski - 3rd Apr 2020


  • Director's notes
  • New Director
  • Narrative
  • Performance
  • Dream pop
  • Dream
  • Surreal

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Dustie Carter
Stolen Sun
Production Company
Stolen Sun


Director of Photography
Mike Dalton
Focus Puller
Jesse Bader


Ethan Waddell


Sam Baiamonte


Andy Devries

Other credits

Studio Gaffer

Tim Hawn

Key Grip

Jordann Salvador

Rob Ulitski - 3rd Apr 2020

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