Promonews - 13th Feb 2020

This impressionistic short film, featuring clips from songs from DSTNCE's album Hypnos, s is Bradley Alexander's imaginative take on the journey of a mind when the body is gripped by sleep paralysis.

The film was inspired by the experiences of DSTNCE's Melanie DeJesus with sleep paralysis - the state when during waking up or falling asleep, a person is aware but unable to move or speak. During an episode, the person may hallucinate, seeing shadowy figures or imagining sounds, like humming, hissing, and static noises. 

Alexander incorporates those elements into his film where a woman (Minji Money) is caught in a state of sleep paralysis, and Through this fever dream she is able to confront a past trauma that she has tried to suppress.

PRO Credits


DirectorBradley Alexander
ProducerBradley Alexander
Executive ProducerBradley Alexander
Director of PhotographyJacob Ritley
Focus PullerSkyler Bocciolatt
2nd ACCanon Brownell
GafferPeter Lamons
Art DirectorAngela Choe
WardrobeMelanie Dejesus
EditorSean Leonard
EditorSalvador Perez Garcia
ColouristOisín O’Driscoll
Lead actorMinji Money

Promonews - 13th Feb 2020

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