Rob Ulitski - 12th Feb 2020

Thibault Dumoulin imagines an Apocalypse in Paradise in the video for Fhin's Trauma. 

Opening with a shot of a monkey playing with an empty plastic bottle on a tropical beach , the themes of destruction and humanity's effect on the natural world are clear from the start. 

A representation of Adam and Eve, the two lead characters are living their life on a beautiful beach, but treating it with no respect. The girl throws her cigarettes in the sea, the guy is glued to his phone, uninterested in the miracles of his everyday existence. When an atomic bomb explodes in the distance, the couple suddenly realise their time is coming to an end, and their former ignorance melts away as they kiss each other passionately, waiting for the inevitable to happen. 

It's a simple concept but breathtaking in its execution - the visual effects are impressive, the characters are believable, and the emotion is charged throughout the video, with a tragic and haunting climax that stays in the memory. 


"This film conceptualizes an ambivalent feeling of our contemporary world: on the one hand, a form of hedonism and carelessness; on the other hand, the imminence of an industrial disaster, imaged here by an Atomic bomb.

"In this clip the actors play Adam and Eve in a paradisiacal setting. The disaster is coming. However, in the end they were simply afraid and stay alive. What about humanity? Are we just scaring ourselves, or is the worst really inevitable?"

PRO Credits


DirectorThibault Dumoulin
ProducerJulie Mathieu
Production CompanyStandard Films
Director of PhotographyPierre De Kerchove
Post production companyMathematic

Rob Ulitski - 12th Feb 2020

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