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Pet Shop Boys 'Monkey Business' by Vaughan Arnell

David Knight - 30th Jan 2020

Following a very emotional encounter with James Blunt, Vaughan Arnell's next outing is something quite different - and almost as surprising - for the returning Pet Shop Boys.

For a start, the PSBs' Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe are in the video for Monkey Business, the first time that's happened for ten years. They have also shown up to party - this is not the aloof Boys of old - in a nightclub with a dancefloor straight of Saturday Night Fever, with a bunch of serious party animals.

Neil and Chris's mates are a crucial part of the package here - all shapes and sizes, and all fantastic dancers, each given their moment to shine. And Vaughan also manages the previously impossible feat of getting Chris Lowe to try out some dance moves.  

Hedonistic and feelgood, it's not really like any Pet Shop Boys video before, and yet they still own it completely. The time is definitely right for some Monkey Business.


"I loved the Pet Shop Boys from day one. When I first started out at Vivid with Anthea, I remember Andy Morahan doing the early Pet Shop Boys videos - their whole career has gone on longer than mine and that’s saying something. So to get the call to shoot that before Christmas to shoot the video was amazing.

"My first inspiration was Saturday Night Fever. Then the boys came back with La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) - which has a great scene in a nightclub like a cross between Studio 54 and a high end nightclub in Moscow. And then we found our great location - the Prism nightclub in Watford.

"We were working in sync with a choreographer called Lynn Page, who the Boys had worked with before. Lynn brought a bunch of ideas and thoughts to the project that we built up.

"Then it was a case of working with your heroes - that’s sometimes a mistake, but this time it was brilliant. Neil and Chris were fantastic to work with. They were there all the way along the process, through the editing and grading. It was almost like working with George Michael again with the level of involvement they had in the video. 

"Like the James Blunt video we've just made, JP Seresin lit it, and it was produced by the brilliant Fred Bonham Carter. It's amazing working with Fred, he delivers over and beyond every time. But he’s now gone on a three month sabbatical, which is killing me…"

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David Knight - 30th Jan 2020


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David Knight - 30th Jan 2020

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