Rob Ulitski - 15th Jan 2020

Archie Short explores a desolate area of the Scotland Highlands in the video for Tamzene's You're With Somebody Now, featuring Strictly star Fabian Jackson. 

Set against the backdrop of an abandoned quarry, Jackson performs understated movements as his limbs gently react to Tamzene's ethereal vocals. Picking up pace to bend and distort into different shapes, the dancer embodies the wistful nature of the track as he slowly discovers himself through his location and movement.

Taking on the DP role in addition to directing, Short creates a magical yet desaturated aesthetic, balancing realism with the fantastical aspects of the concept, and it works very nicely indeed. 


DirectorArchie Short
Director of PhotographyArchie Short
EditorArchie Short

Rob Ulitski - 15th Jan 2020

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