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Georgia '24 Hours' by Joe Connor

Rob Ulitski - 9th Jan 2020

Joe Connor celebrates the rituals of getting ready for a big night out, in his hallucinatory video for Georgia's 24 Hours. 

Stuctured in split-screen throughout, we see various vignettes of people preparing themselves for the evening ahead - drinking and dancing whilst they count down the clock in anticipation. Intermittent shots of a car racing around the Berlin streets creates an electric sense of urgency, a clever juxtaposition to the more relaxed vibe inside the characters' homes. And DoP Giuseppe Favale also experiments with different frame rates, stretching and manipulating time to represent the partygoers' foggy and dazed state of mind.

A powerful performance from Georgia on a drum machine, bathed in red light, neatly rounds off the concept, acting as an anchor to the frenetic variety of characters within the concept. 


"For this video for Georgia I wanted something anarchic and immediate to show the beauty in the rituals of a night out; the make up, the cigarette smoke, the pre-drinks, the costumes...

"I took inspiration from the beautiful work of Nan Goldin, a hero of mine who's darkly honest street photography informed the colour palette of this piece. I street cast and used peoples houses and apartments in Berlin as location to make sure that the act of creating this video also had a sense of drama to it, giving the video it's edge.

"Mainly I wanted to place Georgia's music where it belongs, at the heart of a night out."

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Rob Ulitski - 9th Jan 2020


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Executive Producer
Alexa Haywood


Director of Photography
Giuseppe Favale


George K
Colour grade company


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Rob Ulitski - 9th Jan 2020

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