Rob Ulitski - 20th Dec 2019

Kali Uchis embraces the darkness in UKMVA-nominated director Amber Grace Johnson's video for Solita. 

Dripping with sci-fi references and imagery, our first glance of Uchis is entombed in a concrete and glass coffin in the middle of the desert. Singing for the first time in both English and Spanish, the artist exudes sultry confidence, and across a series of vignettes we are introduced to various facets of her character.

From performing in the white sand with a snake, to hypnotising a guy who is watching her poledance - and consequently kicking him in the face - the narrative is by no means straightforward, but one thing is clear: Kali does not mess around. The artist thrives in these conceptual setups, and whilst the project could have been a little too mismatched under a different director, Johnson executes it perfectly with her style, formed from having worked with some of the top talent in the world. 

"This song is about healing, freedom and embracing the mixed emotions that come with that," says Kali Uchis of Solita. "I hope my fans feel sexy when they listen to it. I’m so excited to share more. The vibe was sad, yet horny. There’s a little bit of sexiness in it, but it’s also nostalgic.

"The hook basically translates to, ‘I’d rather dance alone than with the devil.’ I think that just goes back to wanting to feel empowered about independence, rather than feel like, ‘Oh, poor me, I’m alone.’ It’s not really like that.”

PRO Credits


DirectorAmber Grace Johnson
ProducerJeff Kopchia
Production CompanyObject & Animal
Executive ProducerJustin Benoliel
Director of PhotographyMarcell Rév
Art DirectorTyler Evans
WardrobeJulio Cesar Delgato
HairEvanie Frausto
Make-upLily Keys
EditorMandy Brown
Grading companyCompany 3

Rob Ulitski - 20th Dec 2019

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