David Knight - 30th Nov 2019

Human decomposition as a thing of beauty and wonder. It’s so profound (and frankly, just a bit icky) that it takes a while to even begin to think how they achieved it.

‘They’ being Darren Rabinovitch and the team at Encyclopedia Pictura. It could really only be them, and it’s a masterpiece. 


DirectorDaren Rabinovitch
WriterIsaiah Saxon
WriterDaren Rabinovitch
CreativeEncyclopedia Pictura
ProducerAde Macalinao
ProducerIsaiah Saxon
Production CompanyGhost Robot
Executive ProducerMark De Pace
Executive ProducerZachary Mortensen
Head Of ProductionKacie Barton
Director of PhotographyDavid Vollrath
Camera operatorMitch Herndon
GafferTom Platt
GafferNicholas Popkey
StylistMichell Sfarzo
EditorIsaiah Saxon
VFXIsaiah Saxon
VFXSean Hellfritsch
VFXDaren Rabinovitch
Lead actorAparna Nancherla
LabelDomino Records
Other creditsArt PA: Sarah Cho Set PA: Zackery Ramos-Taylor Domino Records Partner: Pushkar Ojha

David Knight - 30th Nov 2019

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