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Respons 'Pray For Change' by Locky

David Knight - 28th Nov 2019

Locky collaborates with new rapper Respons on this affecting video which explores the impact of loss on those who remain.

Like his MVA-nominated video for Daithí's In My Darkest Moments, this is a showcase for the director's talent with actors, investing them with realism even with minimal narrative direction. Captured by Lorenzo Levrini's excellent cinematography, this is all about the way the characters move - or remain still - and their haunted looks that draws in the viewer to interpret what they are seeing.

Binding this all together are the words of Respons, who is also an impressive and positive presence among the an utterly credible landscape of despair. In other words, he is the embodiment of his own message in Pray For Change.  


"Billy (Respons) and I had a chat before we shot about our related experiences with suicide. We wanted to use that experience to create something that we felt was impactful but also respectful.

"There were a lot of ideas discussed between us. Things like small-town vibes, moving out of town, finding your place in the world…but also being proud of your roots and the people that have helped you to grow.

"I wanted us to use three different characters to represent three different stages of recovery in the face of losing someone to suicide: anger, hurt and listlessness.

"From a performance perspective, I wanted to have Billy always moving; a representation of him trying to evade the pain of losing friends, family, colleagues, etc. to suicide… but all of that coming full circle in the end."

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David Knight - 28th Nov 2019

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James Cross
Production Company
Executive Producer
Nathan Killham
Production Manager
Jamie Brewer
1st AD
Jonathan Sidwell


Director of Photography
Lorenzo Levrini
Focus Puller
Marcus Albertsen


Richard Scott


Leandro Arouca
Colour grade company
Element Post


Director's Representation


Blackstar London

David Knight - 28th Nov 2019

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