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Deem Spencer 'Shorty Pt. 3' by Stuart Mcintyre

Deem Spencer 'Shorty Pt. 3' by Stuart Mcintyre

Rob Ulitski - 7th Nov 2019

Stuart McIntyre directs a slow, steady and very absorbing music video for Deem Spencer's Shorty Pt. 3. 

The relaxed visuals start with Spencer in a blank room with just his head and shoulders showing. Styled in a bandana and a T-shirt, the minimalist art direction and wardrobe mirrors the stripped-back track. Shot in a variety of long takes, Shorty Pt. 3 moves at its own pace, with only a handful of shots in the whole project. 

One great thing about the slower editing style is the ability to really look into a scene as we watch it. As the pacing and editing within music videos gets faster and faster, we have adapted to quickly picking out what we need to see before the image cuts to another shot. There is none of that here, as viewers are invited to watch the performance, generate ideas about the locations and scenery and really connect to the track and visual. 

Untraditional but very effective, this simple concept is elevated by the sense of calm that radiates from both the video and Spencer's performance throughout. 

Watch 'Deem Spencer 'Shorty Pt. 3' by Stuart Mcintyre' here

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Rob Ulitski - 7th Nov 2019


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Stuart Mcintyre
McCray Sutherlin
Production Company
Production Company
Care Of The Land
Executive Producer
Saskia Whinney


Director of Photography
Ross Giardina


Elena Lark


Chris Catanach
Editing company
Cartel Editorial


Wade Odlum

Other credits

Colour House

Alter Ego

Sound House


Mix & Sound Design

Chris Nungary


Kwaku Beke, Tyree Harris, Stuart McIntyre

Rob Ulitski - 7th Nov 2019

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