Rob Ulitski - 22nd Oct 2019

Sabrina Claudio walks the line between perception and reality in Brian Petchers' neon-soaked video for her breakout hit Rumors, featuring Zayn.

Aesthetically reminiscent of sci-fi classics such as Blade Runner and Fifth Element, the dystopian concept unashamedly places style over substance in this video, and it is all the better for it.

Claudio is dressed in a pale pink bodysuit throughout, one of several standout wardrobe pieces, perhaps a nod stylistically to Besson's Diva character in the aforementioned sci-fi epic, and also helps to bring in a subtextual 'cam-girl' theme into the video. That's reinforced by the anachronistic use of a vintage video camera in one setup. A scattering of other lo-fi shots ensures the nostalgia trend is very much catered for.

The neon-heavy cinematography paired with a careful use of VFX help sell the idea of a futuristic world, and Claudio's confident yet understated performance cements her as an artist to keep an eye out for. That compensates for Zayn's absence - he's subtly represented by one of the cast members.


DirectorBrian Petchers
Production CompanyDreambear
Director of PhotographyDan Kennedy
CommissionerDevon Libran

Rob Ulitski - 22nd Oct 2019

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