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Hot Chip 'Bath Full of Ecstasy' by Oliver Payne

Ned Botwood - 9th Sept 2019

“Let’s-a Go!” Oliver Payne directs this delightful tribute to ’80s retro gaming, in which Hot Chip are the greatest game you never got to play.

Oliver Payne takes us on a tour of a fictional platform game, “Hot Chip: Bath Full of Ecstasy”, a Japanese curio that never got an American release. Based around a handful of Japanese set-pieces, the game itself has a typically inscrutable narrative featuring bubblebath fairies, soda and briefcase-slinging businessmen.

Payne lovingly creates this sprightly world around the band. Then has the tenacity to build outwards! Using a gawky YouTube review as a framing device - convincingly performed by Vincent Measures - he assembles game footage, stock video, rare photos and fragments of history into a retrospective of this fictional oddity. 

Payne - visual artist, friend of the band and frequent collaborator - recreates the style of both game and review in meticulous depth. Between the pixellated sprites and the flat, dingy lighting of the gaming Vlog, you could be forgiven for believing Payne’s fictional conceit. Watching it produces the same warm, eerie sense of constructed nostalgia as Simpsonwave videos. Hot Chip have a well-established universe and identity, but this jewell-toned, 16-bit reverie sits so comfortably alongside their other work, it is a wonder nobody has attempted it before.

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Ned Botwood - 9th Sept 2019


  • Animation
  • Documentary
  • Electropop
  • Alt Pop

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Oliver Payne
Christo Arsenio
Production Company
Production Company
Production Company
Safecrackers x Somesuch
Executive Producer
Tim Nash


Director of Photography
Luka Bazeli


Lead actor
Vincent Measures


Animation Company
Chop Studio


Ben Crook


Tim Smith


Post production company


Graphic design
Matt Sahlit
Sound Mix
Peter Lapinski

Other credits


Tatsuya Saito

Special Thanks

Money Mark, Keiichi Tanaami and Taku Onoda

Ned Botwood - 9th Sept 2019

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