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The Lumineers 'Leader Of The Landslide' by Kevin Phillips

Rob Ulitski - 15th Aug 2019

The Lumineers continue their superb visual album collaboration with Kevin Phillips, with the fifth in the series, and the second of the Junior Sparks chapter.

After Junior's dreamlike encounter with a temptress in It Wasn't Easy To Be Happy With You, the focus falls upon his extremely uneasy relationship with his father in Leader Of The Landslide. Once more, as with the first chapter, Gloria Sparks, encompassing the first three tracks and videos of the series, alcohol is the fuel for an explosive encounter on the Sparks homestead. Alcohol and more besides.

After the misery of burying their pet dog, Junior and his father's damaged relationship becomes exposed at an impromptu gathering at the house. With the drink and then drugs, and Junior's disgust and his father's behaviour, extraordinarily dangerous behaviour is unleashed.

The masterful skill of Phillips is to make this extreme scenario utterly realistic, completely identifiable as part of the cycle of alcoholic behaviour. There are also tremendous, memorable peformers by his actors. It this is another part of the jigsaw of the Sparks saga which has now reached halfway: there will be ten videos in all. It's already turning into one of the great achievements in the music video medium for a long time.

Rob Ulitski - 15th Aug 2019


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Rob Ulitski - 15th Aug 2019

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