David Knight - 23rd July 2019

Electronic music legend Amon Tobin and Belgian director Charles De Meyer go back a long way - since the video for Esther's in 2009. And their latest collaboration, for Vipers Follow You, is as distinctive as their previous work.

It's a surreal and atmospheric road-trip, by a father and his young, Rubik cube-playing son, who discover the countryside around them acquiring a strange and ominous nature. With expert pacing De Meyer creates a creeping sense of disconnect with reality, with surreal creations revealing themselves across the Flemish countryside.


"Meeting Amon Tobin and making the music video for Esther’s almost 10 years ago had been an absolute pleasure. When he called me a few months ago asking me for another one, there’s no way I could refuse.

"The mesmerizing sound of the track served as inspiration to work around tension as a theme.
Following power lines along the road through a car’s back seat window, quite naturally served as a starting point. It dictated a contemplative and cinematic pace, helping the narrative to unfold like a half-remembered memory.

"The cables and knots became the link between father and son, and the space and tension between them. The child shapes his own reality with his emotions and thoughts, all the while trying to comprehend it through a cube puzzle. His father’s revelation ends up putting his whole world into question.

"Shooting in the Flemish Ardennes was quite personal, as we regularly saw these Breughelian landscapes as kids. I was also very lucky to work with Maximiliaan Dierickx, a top Belgian cinematographer, who quite vividly rendered that nostalgic feel I was so familiar with.

"There was a huge storm the day we shot, which gave us this wonderful mix of rain, heavy clouds and surreal strips of sunlight, which the amazing London-based colourist Duncan Russell knew to emphasize beyond my expectations."


DirectorCharles De Meyer
ProducerCharles De Meyer
Production CompanyChuck Eklectric
Production ManagerPatricia Motte
1st ADHanse Cora
Director of PhotographyMaximiliaan Dierickx
Focus PullerAlex Beyne
2nd ACAntoine Gilleman
ColouristDuncan Russell
Grading companyMPC
VFXChuck Eklectric
CommissionerAmon Tobin

David Knight - 23rd July 2019

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