David Knight - 10th July 2019

A coming of age story - with the emphasis on the coming.

The video for Dearly Beloved is essentially a simple tale of the hormonal drives of a suburban teenage boy. But under Marc Sidelsky's direction, Thomas Revington's striking cinematography (mostly, but not all, in black and white), and Nic Goodwin's edit - and good work from their uncredited lead performer - it's a beautifully constructed and realised tale.

Most importantly, it all builds to a terrific climax...  


Make-upOrli Meiri
DirectorMarc Sidelsky
Production CompanyLittle League
Director of PhotographyThomas Revington
Focus PullerMiche Britz
GafferJp Du Preez
Art DirectorGerard Van Zyl
WardrobeLenny-dee Doucha
ProducerYing-poi De Lacy
EditorNic Goodwin
Editing companyTessa Ford Post
ColouristNic Apostoli
Post production companyTessa Ford Post
Post ProducerLisa Haw
VFXSimone De Ruyck
Director's RepresentationMassif

David Knight - 10th July 2019

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